Why become a Member of 723 Building Business?


723 Building Business member benefits include:

  • Priority participation in 723 events

Every year 723 Building Business participates in events, such as ABC Day and FreddieFest. Members who volunteer to help at 723’s booth will be able to have their business literature displayed at the booth.

  • Voting rights at Board elections
  • Opportunities to serve on committees

Each year, and at different times throughout the year, there will be a need for planning committees, ad hoc committees, procedural committees, etc. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard and be a part of the decision making process.

  • 10% Scholarship discount at Brandman University

This is a fantastic opportunity for business members to take certificate programs to enhance their business knowledge and skills, or to go for a full degree in Business Administration.

  • Discounted marketing opportunities