Stephanie Owens at 723 this morning

723 Building Business is known for having great speakers, both from the business community and from community organizations. I literally can’t remember a speaker that wasn’t engaging and informative since I’ve been a member, going on two years now. This morning was no exception: Stephanie Owens nailed it! The hour flew by as she entertained us with practical, no-nonsense advice on how to build business relationships.

Stephanie is all about giving information that people can use immediately in their businesses. Her step-by-step process is easy to follow and understand, and she makes sure people have specific steps they can take to achieve each level of relationship-building. I have to say, I was impressed by her ability to break it down into action, rather than staying focused on theory and concepts. And…she’s delightful to listen to. Her energy lifts the mood and keeps it high, with her humor and friendly style.

I have to admit: I’ve known about Stephanie for over a year, and I’m kicking myself for not seeking out her workshops and speaking engagements. She is awesome! We were fortunate to have her this morning. Thank you, Stephanie!

For more about who Stephanie is and what she does, visit her website.

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