Letter from Bill Pickard, Lake Kapowsin park

Bill Pickard, who spoke several weeks ago at 723 about the proposed Lake Kapowsin park, sent this letter to one of our members. While the event he’s talking about is now past, it’s still important to write letters of support to your representatives to let them know you support this park! Thanks!

If you support the idea of a park at Lake Kapowsin – please read this, and contact the County Council this week.

This coming Monday, March 16th at 1:30 PM on the top floor of the County-City Building in Tacoma, the Council’s Community Development Committee will vote on whether or not to recommend in favor of a park at Lake Kapowsin.

DNR and some others are dead set against a park, so if this is going to happen we need as many e-mails, letters, and if possible IN PERSON APPEARANCES to testify for up to 3:00 minutes in favor of a park with aquatic sports.
NOTHING we are proposing will be negative in any way, and we do not know why DNR is against this, but the DNR folks are very good at distorting what we are proposing to do to confuse the issue.  ALL we are proposing is to make the middle of the lake safe for boating, swimming, and other aquatic activities.  Any material taken off the tops of the submerged 20-50’ trees in the lake will be move to the near shore environment.  Nothing will be taken out, no fish, wildlife, habitat, or ‘character’ will be adversely affected.  There will be no “net loss of ecological function”.
And we WILL fulfill DNR’s management guidelines (as defined by the Legislature) of: 1) Encouraging direct public use and access; and 2) Fostering water-dependent useshttp://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=79.105.030        RCW 79.105.030 Aquatic lands — Management guidelines.  A destination park at Lake Kapowsin with aquatic sports is specifically referenced as desirable in the recently published Graham Community Plan and Pierce County Comprehensive Plan  http://www.piercecountywa.org/DocumentCenter/View/34941 (on pages 6-26, 7-48, 11-27, and 11-31 twice).   Without aquatic sports the financial model that will allow us to pay for the park and maintain it forever will not work.
In your comments, focus on the benefit you think the park and safe aquatic sports will bring to Pierce County.  We can let DNR hang themselves with distortions that are easily pointed out -(although not during this meeting).
If you like the idea of a park at Kapowsin – please e-mail or write today.  I realize everyone works – but if you can find the time to show up in person on Monday at 1:30, that is even better.  The council ‘gets’ how hard it is for people with jobs to show up.  If you can’t, an e-mail is almost as good – just tell them you would come if you could, but …   If you come to speak, bring a copy of your ‘testimony’ and give it to the clerk.  Elected officials who are residents of Pierce County can send supportive letters too.  If you know of others who would support this idea, please forward this note to them and personally ask them for their support – today.  The meeting is Monday – so it would be best if the support came in this week.
Parking is available in the “Gold” Parking Lot, which is at 701 Court E between South 7th Street and South 9th Street. Access is through the alley (Court E) that runs between South 9th Street and South 7th Street and parallel to Tacoma Avenue South and Fawcett Avenue.  McDonald’s is on the corner of S 9th and Tacoma Ave. S.   From I-5, take I-705 toward the City Center.  Exit at “A” St and follow it west to S. 9th St.  Turn left (up the hill) at S. 9th St. and go up to a right hand turn into the Alley called “Court E”.  the lot is in the middle of the block on the south side.  Go up the stairs to Tacoma Ave, cross over to McDonald’s side of the street, and then cross over, pass the Courthouse, and enter the County City building in the middle of the block.
Allow 15 minutes for getting through the Airport-like security inspections and bag checks.

Assuming the Community Development Committee passes this, it will likely (not confirmed yet) be considered by the The FULL County Council on Tuesday, March 24th (the next week).  If you can make that meeting too, that would be awesome, but sending your letter or e-mail again will be great too.

The list of people to contact includes:

County Council Members
Connie Ladenburg – cladenb@co.pierce.wa.us
Doug Richardson – drichar@co.pierce.wa.us
Derek Young – dyoung2@co.pierce.wa.us
Joyce McDonald – jmcdon2@co.pierce.wa.us
County Executive
Pat McCarthy – pmccart@co.pierce.wa.us
Randi Becker – randi@randibecker.com
JT Wilcox – jt.wilcox@leg.wa.gov
Graham Hunt – graham.hunt@leg.wa.gov

William (Bill) Pickard                                            (206) 849-7039
Founder & Director Emeritus, George Pocock Rowing Foundation

Lake Kapowsin Trust                                            bpickard@pickard-murphy.com 

P.O. Box 191
Kapowsin, Washington 98344

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