Fire Commissioner Bob Skaggs and Candidate Adam Rosenlund Squared off at 723!

Adam-Rosenlund-Fire-Commissioner-Candidateb Bob-S--Present-Fire-Commissionerb Fire-Chief-Ryan-Baskett2

(Thank you Kristine M. Smith for the awesome Pictures!)

And what a great meeting it was! Both men spoke about what was important to them for Graham Fire & Rescue, and Chief Ryan Baskett chimed in (non-politically, of course) for clarification on some issues. Not surprisingly, both Adam and Bob were very passionate about doing what is best for the community.


You will be able to listen to the presentation and Q&A shortly, please check back later today for a link!


The turnout was slightly disappointing, although we did get a few people who don’t usually attend. It’s so important to become involved if you care about the services in your community, otherwise things are decided and passed that you may not want.

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