Councilmember Young’s statement on Executive’s second comprehensive plan override

From Pierce County Website:


On Friday, Aug. 28, Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy notified members of the County Council that she was vetoing the Council’s passage of a county comprehensive plan for the second time, citing concern over an amendment that would allow larger scale retail development in the Frederickson area. In response, Councilmember Derek Young issued this statement:

“Unfortunately we’re in a difficult position — set a terrible precedent at the behest of a single developer’s wishes, or face a veto. If there were no consequences, I would join Executive McCarthy in her stand to protect our industrial lands, but unfortunately that’s not the world we live in. Make no mistake, the county stands to lose tens of millions of dollars in grant money because the Council majority and Executive can’t agree on a comprehensive plan.

“It’s been claimed by some that there wouldn’t be a problem with failing to act by the June 30 deadline. However, we’ve spoken directly with the state Department of Commerce and that simply isn’t true. Pierce County is out of compliance with state law, has been since July, and will not be eligible for the expected grant revenue until a comprehensive plan is adopted.

“I’ve tried to work out a compromise that protects the County’s interest in Fredrickson while moving a plan forward, and I’m ready to support any proposal that can garner four Council votes and the Executive’s signature. I cannot allow politics to obstruct the best interest of the taxpayers. We are going to lose real dollars and that is unacceptable.

“There doesn’t appear to be anybody backing down from their positions and we are way past the deadline. As a result, I’ve asked for and will support an override of the veto.”

Supporting documentation can be obtained by contacting Councilmember Young’s office.

Derek Young, Pierce County Council District 7
(253) 798-7776

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