Bill Pickard, Founder of the George Pocock Rowing Foundation

Bill Picard spoke to 723 before the holidays. If you missed it I encourage you to make sure you don’t miss it a second time if you hear of him speaking near you. He’s a wealth of information and a delightful speaker! Here is some information about a fundraising event his Foundation is putting on: Just follow the links.

“I am always leery of inviting people that I don’t know very well to fund raising ‘things’, so please consider this to be really just a question, and not a weak solicitation for a donation to some organization you neither know about or care much about.
The nice thing about this particular event is that – while it is for a good cause, etc. – it will also give you a pretty good idea about SOME of the benefits Pierce County will see with a park and aquatic activities at Kapowsin.  There are 25,000 kids within 20-30 minutes of the lake – and all that material in my reports about social, educational, cultural, health and other benefits begin with them in mind.  The economic and other benefits are very real – but the things you’ll see and hear at this event are more immediately and more directly transferable.  The part about more activity driving down vandalism and crime is also very real – and from my own personal experience – also relevant.

So if you would be interested, you can make a reservation here – and tell Emily you want to sit with me, and if you don’t, just check this out.   Staff will probably show it at the breakfast too.”

William (Bill) Pickard                                            (206) 849-7039
Founder & Director Emeritus, George Pocock Rowing Foundation

Lake Kapowsin Trust                                   
3213 East Alder Street                          

Seattle, Washington 98122-6314

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